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Microsoft's Windows Vista global usage share is 13.24 percent on the web according to

Amsterdam - April 1, 2008 - ( ), the number one provider of real-time intelligence web analytics, today reported that Microsoft's Windows dominates the operating system market with a global usage share of 95.94 percent. In July 2007 the total global usage share of Microsoft's Windows was 96.72 percent. A remarkable fact is that since July 2007 Microsoft's Windows Vista has gained 10.01% in global usage, and Windows XP has dropped 8.43%. The leading operating system on the web still remains Microsoft's Windows XP with a global usage share of 78.93 percent.

The global usage share of Apple's Macintosh is 3.36 percent and the global usage share of Linux is 0.42 percent.

Worldwide March 2008 July 2007 Difference
Windows XP 83.27% 85.81% -2.54%  
Windows Vista 13.76% 12.72% 1.04%  
MacIntosh 2.18% 1.79% 0.39%  
Windows 2000 0.55% 0.61% -0.06%  
Windows 98 0.14% 0.11% 0.03%  
Windows ME 83.27% 85.81% -2.54%  
Linux 83.27% 85.81% -2.54%  

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Methodology: A global usage share of xx percent for OS Y means that xx percent of the visitors of Internet users arrived at sites that are using one of's services by using the particular number of OS Y. All numbers mentioned in the research are averages and all measurements are normalised to the GMT timezone. Research is based on a sample of 2 million visitors divided into 20,000 visitors of 100 countries each day.

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