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Getting Started

Information about how to sign-up for an OneStat account, how to implement the script and to view the reports.

Step 1. Subscribe to our service on

Go to and select the sign-up page for the OneStat version of your choice. Fill in the data requested and a valid e-mail address.

Step 2. Receive the e-mail from and verify the account data that you supplied.

If you filled in the correct e-mail address and data, you will receive an email with the unique OneStat script If you have filled in a wrong e-mail address or account data, you change this with the settings manager and request the OneStat script again.

If you did not receive the confirmation email it is probably blocked by your spam filter. You can sign-up again on and do remember your password. At the end of the registration process you will see your unique account ID. With your account ID and password you can login and select settings at the top. Here you can select get script and implement as we describe below.

Step 3. Copy the OneStat script

Click 2 x on the attachment of the email called script.txt. Choose to open this script and select all. If you cannot open the e-mail go to the settings manager on the website and log in. You can also copy the OneStat script there.

Start to copy the script which starts with until and click on copy.

We advise you to copy and paste the OneStat script with Microsoft Notepad, available in each version of Microsoft Windows (all programs and select accessories)

If you are using frames on your pages, place the OneStat script only on the content pages.

If you are using another web editor and you might have problems, please login and click on help at the top and select General FAQ.

Step 4. Paste the OneStat script into each HTML page of your website you want to measure.

Open with Microsoft Notepad the HTML pages of the website you want to measure. Paste the script into the HTML page under the tag of each page you want to measure. Save the page with the OneStat script.

Step 5. Upload HTML pages of your website that contain the OneStat script

Upload the HTML pages that contain the script with a FTP program like you normally do with your HTML pages. If you have problems with uploading your HTML pages, ask your hosting company or internet provider for more details.

Inserting the script into your HTML should not be difficult, however if you still have problems with particular web page editors like Dreamweaver and Frontpage please login and click on Help at the top or contact us.