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OneStat Enterprise

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With OneStat I am able to improve the visitor experience significantly!

OneStat Platinum and Enterprise Reports and Features

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OneStat provides you detailed online interactive reports about how to improve the visitor experience, leads, sales and online marketing campaigns.
We also help you to share insight across your organization. Our reports and features are based on web 2.0 technology.

Real-time web analytics

OneStat provides real-time and live web analytics. This means that you do dot need to wait before the data has been updated. Explore visitor behavior live on a real-time graphical interface.

Pageviews & GaugesSummary & Most popular


View the most important facts of your website in one clear overview. We provide you facts about website traffic, visitor behavior, online sales, conversion of marketing campaigns, clickfraud and the origin of website visitors.
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Visitor experience

With OneStat Enterprise and Platinum you can easily improve the online visitor experience. Our unique and state of the art clickpath analysis reports allows organizations to visualize and understand the flow traffic through the site.
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Interactive Pageview ReportClickpath Analysis

Transactions in PeriodFirst time vs. Repeat customers

Online leads and sales

Our ecommerce reports will show you the performance of your online sales and registration pages. We provide also detailed reports about the latest transactions and customer behavior. With scenario analysis you will be able to see where your potential customers drop off in the order or registration process. Analyze the effectiveness of critical processes and improve it based on facts.
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Online marketing campaigns and click fraud detection

Track performance of paid or organic search, email, banners and affiliate marketing campaigns to improve the ROI of your marketing budget. Detailed click fraud detection reports are included.
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Conversion Landing PagesClickfraud Detection

Send individual email reportsExport reports to PDF

Share insight across your organization

Share insight across your organization with OneStat. We can automatically send you, your co-workers or management scheduled email reports in PDF, Excel, CSV, TXT or HTML. We also offer access management for multiple users and a report builder to create tailor made reports.
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Time periods

You can select every time period you want. We provide standard and specific time periods. You can also compare time periods with each other. All reports are presented in your own regional time format.
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Compare time periodsStandard time periods

Event managementAdd a new event

Event Management

With event management you can see the reason why you had more pageviews, visitors, leads or revenue for a specific period.
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How it works

OneStat is a service not software. You implement a small piece of javascript in the HTML pages of your website and we start tracking your website. To view the reports you login on our website. We will automatically update the reports. OneStat can track every website or intranet such as static HTML pages, dynamically generated pages by a database, PHP or ASP. We also track secured (SSL) pages at no additional fee. Visitors are tracked based on IP address, cookie and browser string.

Additional features

Password protected Time zone independent
Independent third party Accurate and reliable
Free customer support Scalable
Track SSL pages Automatic updates