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OneStat Enterprise is a new approach to on demand web analytics. Based on our reliable web site traffic reports, you can always make the best decision to optimize the site content, increase leads and revenue and the ROI of your marketing campaigns. New are also the click fraud reports so you do not have to pay for clicks that do not bring results. We also garantuee you an excellent reliability of our services and support which is all included in our web analytics services!



Visitor Behavior


Analyze in detail how your visitors navigate on your web site. Find out whether they find the content or products you want them to. Identify and improve site navigation.


Commerce / Lead Tracking


View how much sales your online shop is generating or how many visitors fill in your form to sign-up for more information. You can view reports based on actions such as leads, products or product groups. Furthermore you can analyze customer behavior and see if customers return.


Marketing Conversions


OneStat Enterprise provides in-depth reporting to help you increase conversions of online advertising and online marketing campaigns. Conversion tracking reports are designed to help you optimize your marketing effectiveness. OneStat Enterprise allows you to track any kind of advertising campaign including CPC search engines, affiliate programs, email campaigns, link and banner campaigns.


Click Fraud


Click fraud occurs when a person or a programmed script incurs a pay per click charge event for the adverstiser by causing the appearance of a legitimate visitor to your web site. Independent research has proven that click fraud can account for up to 20 percent of the average pay per click advertising budget. We have developed unique click fraud detection reports which will help you to increase the results of your ppc campaigns and we will present the evidence of Potential Click Fraud (PCF) such as technical details of data collection and analysis which will help you to negotiate a refund. You can find more information about click fraud if you click here.


Easy to Use


OneStat Enterprise is an easy to use website analyzer. You can login from every computer with an internet connection to view your reports. OneStat Enterprise has several bennefits compared with other services:

  • OneStat Navigator : View the reports you want to see with one instant click

  • OneStat Report Builder : Create a unique tailor-made report for yourself or your co-workers. We will automatically update the information of this report so the next time when you log-in it will only be an instant click with your mouse to view all report combinations.

  • OneStat Access Management : The ideal solution when multiple users of your organization want to use the OneStat reports and you want to control the reports your users can access. The OneStat Access Manager let you define your own users, user groups and access rights to the reports. I.e. if you have a marketing department and an it-department you can define an user group for each department and give access to the relevant reports to each user group.

  • OneStat E-Mail Manager : Create an unique tailor-made e-mail website statistics report of a specific or standard time period. You can define when you or your co-workers want to receive the reports in HTML, TXT, CSV or Excel.

The OneStat Measuring Method


To track visitors you have to implement a small piece of javascript in your HTML pages. This browser-based tagging method is proven to be the most reliable and effective way of tracking your visitors. Measurements are based on IP number, cookie and browser string.


Each day thousands of new IP addresses are added to OneStat's growing database which is based on 2,3 million IP ranges. Nowhere else you can achieve such an accurate picture of where your business visitors are coming from.


Why choose OneStat Enterprise?

  • Accurate and reliable: OneStat Enterprise is based on the most accurate and reliable way to track visitors.

  • Unique features: OneStat Enterprise offers only detailed reports to track visitor behavior, commerce or leads, and online marketing conversions.

  • Easy to use: OneStat Enterprise is the only service where you can create your own reports and view it online or receive it by e-mail in any format. 

  • On demand hosted service: OneStat Enterprise is a remotely hosted solution for real-time web site analysis so it saves you time, money and valuable IT resources. It is a complete outsourced web analytics solution.

  • Customer support and updates are included.

  • Available in each country of the world. We have more than 75,000 customers worldwide.

OneStat.com is the number one provider of intelligent on demand web analytics and web site monitoring services with more than 50,000 users worldwide. OneStat Enterprise works with every web site. Whether your website is written in static HTML pages, or generated dynamically though a database or web language such as PHP, ASP, Cold Fusion or JSP. We also track secured (SSL) pages at no additional fee.


All reports are generated in your own regional time format such as 24 hours and am / pm.


Competitive Priced


OneStat Enterprise is very competitive priced if you compare our services with Omniture, Webtrends, Websidestory, NedStat or Deepmetrix. OneStat is up to 50% lower priced as some of our competitors.


View an online demo or sign-up for a free 4 week trial


To better understand how OneStat Enterprise can help your business to optimize your online marketing, e-commerce and customer support initiatives, please sign-up for a free 4 week trial or click on the online demo link to view a demo. Click here if you want to contact one of our experienced web analytics consultants by filling out the online contact form.

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