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Do not pay for clicks that do not count. Click fraud detection

Click fraud occurs when a person or a programmed script incurs a pay per click charge event for the adverstiser by causing the appearance of a legitimate visitor to your web site. Independent research has proven that click fraud can account for up to 20 percent of the average pay per click advertising budget. We have developed unique click fraud detection reports which will help you to increase the results of your ppc campaigns and we will present the evidence of Potential Click Fraud (PCF) such as technical details of data collection and analysis which will help you to negotiate a refund.

Network click fraud occurs when a syndication partner (a smaller publisher or search engine) that receives and displays paid placement or contextual results from a search network engages in the manufacture, creation, or misrepresentation of clicks delivered to its network partner. Some networks are aware of click fraud but are very carefull with reporting click fraud because this will mean a drop in their revenues.

Competitive click fraud is also a big problem for smaller businesses, particular when the service provided is of great value, resulting in high CPSs. The higher the CPC, the greater the effect a competitor can have on a specific budget.

Who do you believe: an advertising network who want to makes as much money as possible or an independent third party like OneStat specialized in click fraud?

Detailed click fraud detection reports. takes click fraud to a new level by introducing the most advanced and detailed reports integrated in it web analytics reports. Besides many other reports about visitor behavior, commerce and online marketing campaigns we also provide the following detailed reports about click fraud:

  •  Click fraud summary: an overview of the most important key performance indicators and a summary of all click fraud reports
  •  Click fraud in period: an overview of the number of fraudulent clicks during a specific period
  •  Click fraud overview by campaign: this reports shows you a complete overview of each online marketing campaign the number of clicks and fraudulent clicks
  •  Click fraud by country: shows you a detailed overview of fraudulent clicks for a specific campaign per country
  •  Threat level: shows you during a specific time period the number of fraudulent clicks as a percentage of your total clicks.
  •  Click fraud details: a complete overview with all the fraudulent click which you can filter by campaign. If you export the data you will get a list of all fraudulent clicks by campaign as we have registered such as ip address, country, referrer URL, visit time etc.
  •  Marketing campaign conversions including and excluding fraudulent clicks

How we detect click fraud.

Our click fraud detection is based on a number of measurements taken for each campaign and then a comparison of that data across all other campaigns. Measurements and comparisons for each campaign include, but are not limited to:

  •   Number of sessions and the duration of this session
  •   Number of clicks from a specific IP address
  •   Total cost of a campaign
  •   Number of sessions with no referrer
  •   Number of pages that are viewed
  •   Number of clicks from a particular city, state or country
  •   Browser versions used by the visitors

What makes our way of click fraud detection special?

There are different ways to detect click fraud. OneStat avoids problems inherent in other click fraud detection products. Other services try to identify the fraudster by asking you to pool your visitor data with other web site owners, including your competitors. OneStat focuses on identyfiying campaigns that are victims of click fraud. OneStat enhance our existing technology that highlights significant changes in visitor behavior on a web site. OneStat indicates which campaigns are receiving worthless or suspicious visits and provides supporting data to request a refund or credit for those clicks. It is really very simple and easy to implement.