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White Label

White Label Version for advertising, affiliate and hosting companies

We offer large advertising & affiliate companies and hosting providers co-branded or white label web analytics. We have the ability to private label our services and integrate those services with your site in a way that meets your needs of layout and service delivery. We are capable of setting up co-branded and private label solutions very rapidly and could integrate those services into an existing website or service solution offered to your customers.

With OneStat white label real-time web analytics the user interface can be completely customized and branded to ensure that the needs of your customers are being met.

With OneStat white label analytics you can improve the relationship with your customer and increase revenue.

If you offer your customers a free or paid OneStat white label solution, you will be able to compete better with other advertising companies, affiliate agencies or hosting companies. As an advertising or affiliate agency your customer will choose for you because you offer free or paid webmaster tools. We can also offer you a whole range of webmaster services like our website monitoring service

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