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Web Site Statistics service for small to medium sized businesses.

Improve Visitor Satisfaction,  Boost Search Engine Activity, Generate More leads and Sell More Products & Services.

Welcome to OneStat Premium, a professional real-time web site statistics and web analytics solution to track & analyse the behavior of visitors to your web site and to optimize the effectiveness of your online communication and e-business activities. OneStat Premium is more than a simple web site traffic counter. All reports are shown in your own regional time format such as 24 hours and am / pm.

OneStat.com has developed a much more accurate technology as the traditional log file analysis. It is browser based, doesn't require any hardware and provides next-generation measurements that are up to 100% more accurate than log file analysis.

Sign-up for a free 4 week trial and start to measure your web site within 5 minutes. Click here!

OneStat Premium delivers the most detailed & professional answers you need based on standard & specific time ranges reports such as:

  • Who and how many people are  visiting your web site?
  • Which pages do they look at most?
  • What kind of search engines and search phrases do they use to find your website?
  • From which sites do visitors arrive at your site?
  • From which countries, regions and cities do they come from?
  • Which pages do they look at most?
  • How long do they stay at your website?
  • How do your visitors navigate?
  • What hours, days, weeks, months, quarters and years are they particularly active?
  • What kind of technology do they use to view your web site?
  • And much more.

You will also be able to export reports into other applications such as Excel or to schedule reports to your e-mail inbox.

With OneStat Premium you can measure unlimited number of pages of your web site. It is password protected, no banners, invisible and competitive priced. OneStat Premium offers benefits such as:

  • Real-time web site analysis
  • Continually added reports & software updates for free
  • No hardware required, OneStat hosts all the software for you
  • Scalable and secure web site analysis
  • No log files to process
  • Excellent customer support service & helpdesk
  • Available all over the world
  • Cost effective and up to 80 percent lower priced as our competitors.
  • Visitor tracking is based on IP number and cookies so you will get the most accurate numbers of visitors behind a firewall.
  • All reports are in your own regional time format such as 24 hours and am / pm

OneStat Premium works with every web site. Whether your site is written in static HTML pages, or generated dynamically through a database or a web language such as PHP, ASP, Cold Fusion or JSP, the OneStat script is installed the same way and has the same ability to track your visitors. Besides this, we also track secured https (SSL) pages.

OneStat.com is the number one provider of real-time web site analysis software in the world. Our superior technology powers thousands of websites in different countries all over the world. With our accurate, detailed & reliable reports we will be able to answer all your questions about web site traffic statistics, visitor behavior, site performance and retention.

Get a free four-week trial and see what OneStat Premium can do for your web site! Click Here!

You can get OneStat Premium by signing up immediately, a free 4 week trial or to upgrade from OneStat Lite, Basic & Pro without losing any data.

If you are a web design agency, hosting company or an internet consultant and you want to sell our solutions to your clients, you can also participate in our partner program. Click here for more information.

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